Our Lab

We bring diverse experience of field and technical scouting expertise with a constant search of new ideas.

Our Mission

To connect football scouts from different background and inspire change in the world of scouting.

Our Vision

To become an insightful destination for every scouting professional and create a dynamic platform of analytical interaction.

What to expect?

Our course aims to combine traditional & modern Scouting methodologies in a practical and precise manner, analyse the latest trends and developments in talent identification and offer examples how the above are implemented at club level. Nowadays, in a constantly bombarding environment of information, analysis has become a crucial part in supporting decision making in player recruitment & driving Scouting operations. Attendees will get an inside perspective  of how modern clubs filter information and turn it into insight.

Our course will give the opportunity to attendees to explore best practices and the most successful strategies in a fast-paced industry from leading experts. We create a dynamic environment of interaction and address industry’s latest challenges. We provide strong networking opportunities for individuals wishing to enter in the scouting industry.