About us

If its to do with scouting knowledge, its to do with theScoutingLab


We are an enthusiastic team with diverse experience and thorough understanding of professional football environment. Our passion drives us to an ongoing scouting for scouting. The idea of creating a modern scouting course has intensively surrounded our mind. Intrinsically motivated and inspired by the rapid evolvement of the football industry we decided to establish a course that offers the latest insights and contributes into an integrated approach to talent identification.

Our team

We let our values to speak for us: Self-realisation, Continuity, Open-mindedness, Uniqueness, Trustworthiness, Inventiveness, Nurture, Growth. It’s all there.

Our creative path

We think critically and act within an exploring mentality. We are proactive and constantly search for the latest developments.

Our aspirations

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”. Peter Drucker

We envision the development of our lab into one of the world’s most respected center for scouting analysis with open access to any individual willing to contribute in exciting projects.

We aim to establish a generative relationship among individuals and contributors on a bidirectional basis; Cultivate a creative spirit and explore new methods through interaction and collective vision.

Constant Innovation

Having a network of industry’s most leading and forward thinking personalities; while making constructive use of the latest innovative software we ensure we constantly evolve our scouting methodologies.


We want to design an environment of openness and encourage collaborative work.

Personal Commitment

We take pride for our commitment to develop our Lab in a modern scouting think tank with the most innovative applications in the industry. We aim to share information and scouting knowledge in broad perspective.

One step ahead

We aim to embrace change in a fast-growing industry, add to current analysis techniques and explore supplementary methods in player identification by sticking to the principle of the games.