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We believe in the dual nature of scouting; the artistic and the scientific one. TheScoutingLab is dedicated to offer a holistic approach in the scouting field.

Having a team with a diverse background of field & technical scouting expertise, our principal objective is to offer high calibre scouting education and meet modern football transfer challenges. We outline specified topics with comprehensive level of detail to cover the fundamentals of scouting and emphasize on progressive education via critical thinking.

Our Lab aims to delve into overlooked areas of prospecting, analyze the complex nature of football recruitment and develop models functioning as a compass to bring the right pieces of the puzzle together.

Although positive outcomes can be easily observed, the main challenge is to identify the ingredients behind success and create a sustainable environment that tackles randomness from the decision making process. We approach the game from a theoretical and practical point of view and analyse the future directions of modern scouting. This course combines objective data with subjective impression and provide insights of rational decision making processes with the exploitation of every single source, using qualitative and quantitative methods.